Kearo was founded in 2007 and was started as an initiative to bring an affordable solution to the market enabling the easy extraction, analysis and reporting of SAP® data. The first fully working version of Kearo was beta released in 2008. Since then the beta release of Kearo was debugged and improved constantly till March 2010. In March 2010 Kearo reached a milestone: the release of the first official version of Kearo. Thanks to the flexible implementation and easy-to-understand interface Kearo has been used with success at several clients.

Since the official release of Kearo many new features have been planned for the near future (support of other platforms than SAP® is one of them). The objective is to keep evolving Kearo constantly while staying an affordable solution. Other applications supporting Kearo are also in the pipeline.

While working on these future plans, the Kearo-team hopes you will enjoy the application as much as they enjoyed developing Kearo. Should you have any questions about the future of Kearo, send an e-mail to future@kearo.eu