Easy extraction, analysis and reporting of your SAP® data

Ease of use and user friendliness are key to an application. Kearo must enable the end user to easily and seamlessly build reports on any data of your SAP® system. Kearo provides the end user with the right instruments:

Easy extraction of data from your SAP® system - In Kearo you can easily indicate the tables and fields you want to extract by choosing from the whole list of tables and fields in your SAP® system. Searching on the description of the table or field provides Kearo with great flexibility and a lot of interesting information.

Perform complex analysis on the extracted SAP® data easily - The visual designer enables you to quickly build simple and complex analyses and to keep an overview of the whole picture.

Build attractive visual reports easily - Attractive visual reports without bells and whistles often tell more than state-of-the art reports/dashboards. By using Microsoft Excel™ as a reporting layer you are assured of attractive and very user friendly reports.

Easy-to-learn user interface - The user interface of Kearo uses well known technologies such as a simple menu, a treeview, prefilled dropdown lists, … In no time you will be able to use all the features in Kearo.

Click on this link to find out more about the cost efficiencies you can gain with Kearo or click here to watch the set up of a rule in Kearo.