Ordering and Pricing

The trial version of Kearo has all the features of the full version of Kearo, except that you can only use it for 2 months.

Each license of Kearo can be used on 10 machines (PC's or laptops) during 1 year. During 1 year you get all the updates of Kearo and support trough e-mail. After 1 year you can renew your license.

1 license for Kearo full version 4 00 10 2010
including 10 machines for the first year
€8.500 VAT excluded
1 license renewal for Kearo full version 4 00 10 2010 for 1 year
including 10 machines for the renewed year
€3.750 VAT excluded
Trial version of Kearo.
Full version of Kearo for 2 months.
In case you have questions about licenses, please mail to sales@kearo.eu. The invoice has to be paid within 2 months after ordering Kearo. To use Kearo just download and register online. If you are interested in buying a license, mail to order@kearo.eu.