Build powerful and attractive reports based on your SAP® data

Extract the data from your SAP® system - In Kearo you can just configure the fields you require to perform analyses and generate reports. No need to extract all the fields in a table or to extract the whole table from SAP®. Just the essential is enough.

Perform simple and complex calculations on the extracted data - Kearo offers the possibility to combine a multitude of tables and to perform complex calculations on these tables. Conditional formulas, financial formulas, mathematical formulas, conversion formulas, … are available for building powerful analyses.

Generate reports automatically in Excel™ or in text files - Combining the extracted data and the different analyses that you have configured, Kearo generates attractive reports in Micrsoft Excel™ or just simply exports the data to flat text files or XML files for further use in other applications.

All-in-one solution - No additional products or tools are required to generate the reports. Kearo extracts the data, analyses the data and reports the analyses by combining the technologies of SAP®, SQL server and Microsoft Excel™.

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