Download section

You can download Kearo by clicking on the links below. To use Kearo you need the zip file containing the application and the zip file containing the databases. After download of Kearo you have to register your copy here. Once registered you can try the full version of Kearo for 2 months. The included databases support MS SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008.

You can also download the free edition of Kearo. With the free version of Kearo you can easily download any table from your SAP® system. No time-consuming or expensive implementations are necessary. Juse select the table you want to extract, apply some transformations on the extracted table and export the transformed data to an Excel file or a flat text file. Even the biggest tables of SAP can be downloaded with Kearo.

Download Kearo free edition here.

Download Kearo full edition here.

Download Kearo databases here.

Download user guide here